Hong Kong June 7, 2016: 55 business, spiritual and civic leaders from 7 different nations came together in Hong Kong for the fourth Family First Asia (FFA) Leader’s Summit. The gathering took place over 3 days from 16-18 April and included reports from each nation represented as well as strategic discussions on future plans. The Summit was the largest ever in the history of the Family First Asia Movement in both number of leaders attending and number of nations represented. All leaders paid their own way to the Summit, demonstrating their personal commitment to the FFA Movement.

“It was the best Summit we have had so far” offered Mr. Tek Seng Tan, the Chairman of Family First Malaysia. “It was tremendously encouraging to see the progress that is being made by each of the Family First nations. The spirit of partnership and cooperation was wonderful. The FFA Leadership Summits are such a great way for us to learn from one another.”

“Our entire team loved being part of the Spring FFA Summit” said Mr. Bernard Lee, the Chairman of Family First Taiwan. “It is amazing what some of the Family First Nations are doing. And it was great to see a number of new nations represented by strong leadership teams. We are honored to be part of the Family First Asia Movement.”

The next Family First Asia Summit will be held this October in Chiang Mai Thailand. It is expected that 75 Family First Asia leaders from 9 Asian nations will participate in the Fall Leader’s Summit.

“We at Family First Singapore are honored to be part of Family First Asia” mentioned Mr. Kevin Graves, the Co-Chairman of Family First Singapore (officially called Family First Global). “We have a very, very big vision for Family First Global, one that starts here in Singapore but extends throughout East Asia. Being an integral part of Family First Asia is helping us extend and expand much faster than we otherwise could.”

“The Spring FFA Summit was outstanding” concluded Mr. Handi Irawan, the Chairman of Family First Indonesia. “We are on track to touch tens of thousands of families via Family First Indonesia this year via our partnerships, our mass media work and our strategic outreaches. But it is great to know that we are part of something much, much larger as well. Our thanks to the Fellowship of Fathers Foundation for sponsoring the Summit. We are already looking forward to the FFA Fall Summit in Thailand!!”

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