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16 June 2016 Dear Friends; This coming Sunday, too many of us will miss out on a beautiful and long-standing international holiday: Father’s Day. Since the huge majority of Moms never abandon their children, the presence (or absence) of an involved Father is the single biggest variable in the future emotional,...
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Be the Best Mom You Can Be Media Tour Reaches More Than 15 Million Homes in North America

Be the Best Mom You Can Be Media Tour Reaches More Than 15 Million Homes in North America

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Fellowship of Fathers Foundation

The Fellowship of Fathers Foundation (FoFF) was founded by the Honorable Gregory and Marina Slayton in 2011 to help strengthen fatherhood, families and faith both here in the US and around the world. Mr. Slayton serves as the Chairman of the Foundation and devotes at least half of his time to the...
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