The Colson Project: the goal of the Colson Project is to help fathers in jail (and their children) to break the generational curse of incarceration. The Colson Project is a close partnership between the Fellowship of Fathers Foundation and Prison Fellowship (PF is the world’s largest prison ministry – and certainly one of its most respected)

FoFF provides Fatherhood materials for incarcerated fathers as part of Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree ministry. The goal is that every incarcerated father who participates in Angel Tree – a program in which Prison Fellowship gives age appropriate Christmas gifts to children of prisoners – will himself get a gift that will include materials to help him be a better father. Prison Fellowship Chaplains then invite the men to join Fatherhood Support Groups that use the FoFF materials to help the men examine their lives – and make better choices going forward.

FoFF estimates that its all in costs for the Colson Program will be less than $5/father served. The Program is named after the late Chuck Colson, the legendary founder of Prison Fellowship and a good friend of the Chairman of FoFF, Gregory Slayton. Chuck was also kind enough to write the beautiful forward to “Be a Better Dad Today” – in which he passionately argues for the importance of fatherhood at all levels of our society…very much including fathers in jail.

“As a Father to two teenage daughters and the Son of a deceased World War II Veteran I cannot over-emphasize the importance of Ambassador Gregory Slayton’s book for Men, Fathers, who are incarcerated. As an Black Man I recognize the disproportionate prison population and the adverse cyclical effects it has on the black community and its future generations. We are witnessing a horrific and epic breakdown of the once powerful Black family structure. It is estimated that only 28% of black children have both Mother and Father in the home. Ambassador Slayton’s book is critical to let every Father, especially those incarcerated, know that they must still seek to be active players in the lives of their Children and break the cycle of a self-fulfilling prophecy which diminishes dreams, desires, determination, and opportunity”. – Congressman Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Allen B West

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