Asia, being the world’s largest and most populated continent, is the most strategic region in the world for missions today. With almost 3B people in total, it is estimated that at least 300M have never ever heard the Name of Jesus…not even once. So of course they have never heard about His love and the fact that He invites them into His Heavenly Father’s family by His Gospel of Salvation.

Best of all, the Holy Spirit is working overtime in Asia today, and especially in East Asia where many thousands are becoming Christians every single day. For those reasons, and because our Chairman has a special calling to and deep experience in East Asia, the Fellowship of Fathers Foundation is focused on East Asia through the work of its Asian Operating Division: Family First Asia.

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Family First Asia (FFA) is working in seven major East Asian nations to help 250 million adults – both within and outside of the church – to be better mothers and fathers and build stronger families. In so doing, FFA also works to help each one of these moms and dads to grow closer to their Heavenly Father as well.

FFA is deeply blessed to have high quality national leadership teams in each of the countries in which it operates. Teams are comprised of successful business, government, and spiritual leaders – men and women of integrity – who have  stepped up to lead the Family First in their respective countries. These national leadership teams serve on a pro-bono basis and actually raise 80 to 90% of the resources needed within their own countries. That means that every dollar given to the FoFF for its work via Family First Asia is leveraged five to ten times!  These national leadership teams know their own countries 1,000 times better than any foreigner ever will, so they are able to design highly effective, tailor-made programs to bless large numbers of families in very real ways at very low cost. Just a few examples follow, but every FF country in East Asia is doing extraordinary work ‘turning the hearts of the fathers to the children” per Malachi 4:6…and in doing so helping turn the hearts of our Heavenly Father’s children all over East Asia back to Him. From January 2018, Family First Asia will be known as Family First Global to better reflect its expanding operations beyond Asia.

Family First Singapore is forging a self-sustaining model by providing real work-life balance solutions for businesses and communities. This model has proven so promising in the early going that plans are now being laid to export it to the Philippines and Malaysia (where we have very strong Family First national leadership teams) in 2017.

Family First Taiwan works to impact the culture through large national events which promote strong families, with strong emphasis on restoring the leadership of fathers in the home. FFT is also helping churches to establish fatherhood and family programs, which is a huge boost for the over 4,000 churches in Taiwan that currently have neither.

Family First Indonesia is working through open doors to the more than 6,000 Christian schools in the world’s largest Muslim nation. FFI is also creating fatherhood programs for the more than 800 Full Gospel Businessmen’s Chapters throughout the country. FGC is one of the largest Christian organizations in Indonesia. The fact that they would turn to FFI for help in the matters of fatherhood, motherhood and family was a great blessing and a real testimony to the strength of the FFI leadership team in Indonesia.

Family First Philippines (Pamilya Muna Pilipinas, Inc. (PMP)), a newly incorporated non-profit organization, aims to strengthen millions of fathers and mothers, as well as marriages and families in the Philippines, through its projects and resource materials. PMP believes that every human being has infinite worth, and the best place to discover this is in the home. PMP has laid out a two-step approach in building a stronger, happier and more united Filipino family. PMP is officially launched in May 2016 in Manila.

Family First Malaysia was officially launched in June 2016 at Kuala Lumpur. Family First Malaysia was founded on a shared vision as a community-focused organisation and is committed to serving the larger community, regardless of ethnicity or religious background or social status. The organisation is built on a goal of supporting parenting led by the fathers and supported by the mums as locomotives to reach the community to build the society towards a strong nation.

Other FFA nations are implementing diverse strategies through which they can touch millions of families and make positive and lasting impact on people’s lives. The Board of Family First Asia, of which Ambassador Slayton is currently the Chairman and Tan Tek Seng, the Chairman of Family First Malaysia, is the Vice Chair, is comprised of the national leaders of every FF country. The FFA Board meets twice a year to promote unity, to share and learn and to pray for God’s guidance going forward. The entire FoFF leadership team (both North American and Asia, come together monthly via phone for a Global Prayer Call. Prayer is the first priority of the FoFF/FFA Team…and rightly so. Plans for more FFA partnership in Thailand, Vietnam and many other Asia countries are underway.

If you have a vision for strengthening millions of families and growing Christ’s church in Asia, we would be honored to discuss potential partnership with you. Please CONTACT US today.

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 1.    Prayer First: This has to be not only our motto, but our reality. There is no way we can meet the goals of Family First Asia (FFA) on our own, so we must seek His guidance, His blessing, and His wisdom daily.         

2.    Partnership Always: The Lord always sent His people out 2 by 2 (in partnership). The amazing partners the LORD has brought us in FFA are proof of the power of this principal. An open door doesn’t always mean the Lord is in something, but an open door and great partners can.

3.    Local Leadership: This is the only way we can be both large and effective (local planning, local control, local funding and local leadership for the local situation).

4.    Think Big: We must ‘lift our eyes unto the hills’ (i.e. think big) because Asia is a very big place, and we serve a very big God. There is no other way to reach 250M people in the next 25 years with His Father’s Heart Love.

5.    Stay Humble: Humility is key to unity and spiritual victory for “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”

6.    Share Everything: Everything we’ve done or developed in the USA is for our Asian Partners too. Likewise, each FFA Region will share its successful programs and initiatives with other Regions.

7.    Be Bold: The LORD commanded Joshua to be ‘strong and courageous.’ He did so for a reason: the battle was going to be hard. It is no different for us…we must also be ‘strong and courageous’ in Him. And yes, the battle will be hard.

8.    Life Change is the Goal: We cannot get caught in the trap of numbers for numbers’ sake. Numbers aren’t bad, but He calls us to help Him change lives. Let’s stay focused on that.

9.    Long Term: Even the LORD spent 33 years on earth to accomplish His mission. We need to also think Long Term – at least 10 years and hopefully 25 or more.

10.  Holiness is Key: ‘Without holiness no one is going to see the Lord.’ May He work in us and thru us for His greater glory, and our edification.

11.  Be a Blessing: Everyone we meet, rich or poor, young or old, man or woman, let’s be a blessing to them by the Lord’s power and love. God’s Father’s Heart Love is for all His Asian sons and daughters… every single one. Let’s show that love to all we meet by His Spirit.

12.  He is our Guide: There is no one leader of the FFA Movement. So here’s our strategy: wait on the Lord and follow Him where He leads via His Word, His people & His Spirit. “And there will be a still small voice behind you saying ‘this is the way, walk ye in it.’ Is 31:30

 Download FFA-12 Guiding Principles

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