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November 2017 – Family First Leaders’ Summit – 2017 & Beyond

November 2017 – Key updates from around Asia

October 2017 – Key Updates from the Philippines

September 2017 – Professor Gregory Slayton Addresses National University of Singapore Faculty

September 2017 – Family First Taiwan’s JAZZING IT UP AT A CHARITY CONCERT

August 2017 – Family First Indonesia – A Lasting Legacy

August 2017 – Family First Asia Spring Summit 2017 in Kuala Lumpur

May 2017 – Announcing the Release of Maximum Marriage: From Husband and Wife to Lovers for Life

Manila, Philippines / May 2017 – Family First Philippines Signs MOU with Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

Cebu, Philippines / April 2017 – Family First Philippines Partnerships Strengthen Families Throughout Cebu Province.

Jakarta, Indonesia/ Apr 2017 – Family First Indonesia Signs Partnership Agreement with Indonesia’s Largest Christian Organization

Taipei, Taiwan / Mar 2017 – 50 Dads Experience “Being a Better Father Today” at Family First Taiwan Dads’ Club.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia / Feb 2017 – Family First Malaysia adds a monthly 3F CEO Couple Club to its activities.

Taipei, Taiwan/Feb, 2017 – FoFF Partner Family First Taiwan Hosts Huge “Family First” Event

Philippines/Feb, 2017 – FoFF Partner Pamilya Muna Pilipinas Leads Filipino Family-Oriented Organizations to form Family Welfare Network Philippines

Philippines/Nov, 2016 – Family First Philippines Launches Shepherd’s Care Program

Thailand/Oct, 2016 – FFA 2016 Leaders’ Fall Summit

Philippines/ Oct, 2016 – Counterflow Parenting Seminar in Manila

Indonesia/August, 2016 –Maximum Parenting Conference Jakarta, Indonesia

Taiwan/August, 2016 – Family First Taiwan’s Father’s Day Musical Concert

Malaysia /August, 2016 – Family First Malaysia Launches Family First Initiative With 200 Plus Partners

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