Fatherhood is the most important job a man will ever have.


Our H.O.M.E. Project

This is where US Military Chaplains can order 48 free copies of the national best-seller Be A Better Dad Today: Ten Tools Every Father Needs for their troops. The Suggested Retail Price on these books is $14.95@ – but we at the Fellowship of Fathers Foundation are making them available for you and the Military Dads in your outfit for free.  The H.O.M.E. program is meant to strengthen the relationships between active duty US military fathers and their families.  Please read: H.O.M.E. Notes of Appreciation from Chaplains.




Prison Fellowship:  

The Colson Project

FoFF has worked with Prison Fellowship Ministries to serve incarcerated fathers in its ‘Angel Tree’ Program. The Angel Tree Program delivers Christmas gifts to the children of incarcerated dads (and some moms too).  Angel Tree has been running for over 20 years and now serves hundreds of thousands of children across the USA and internationally.  FoFF had delivered specially tailored kits to 100,000 incarcerated fathers whose kids are participating in the Angel Tree program.



Our Publications

a93ca3_65048092b36c4c13ab10dfb7aca8e949Be a Better Dad Today!

is a global bestseller for a reason: it’s one of the best books on fatherhood you will ever read. Warmly endorsed by dozens of America’s best-known and most respected fathers, the book lays out the “Ten Tools of Fatherhood” that will help every dad who uses them. The book is the product of Slayton’s thirty year study of fatherhood on five different continents, his research, and his own experience raising four children with his wife of twenty-six years. Slayton’s easy-to-read, friendly style makes it a fun read, and the many great real life stories bring it to life.

Be a Better Dad Today! is an inspirational, encouraging, and down-to-earth guidebook for every father who wants to be a better dad–for his family’s sake and his own. With humor, empathy, common sense, and engaging stories, Slayton reveals proven, powerful tools and techniques that will help every dad fulfill his God-given responsibilities. Whether parenting younger or older kids, boys or girls, blended families or as a single dad (or even a father-to-be), readers will find wise insights and practical, doable action steps for becoming the best dad they can be.

The book makes a great gift for Father’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, or any day. And since the Slaytons are dedicating 100% of all royalties from the book to fatherhood and family charities serving the US Military and at risk families, your purchase will a blessing to the fathers and families who serve our Nation every day.


Be the BEST MOM You can be.

momWhat if you could sit down with a wise, experienced mom-someone who has dealt with her child being bullied, who has seen the impact of permissiveness, who has been forced to depend on God for every single day, and still talks with grace and compassion? Marina Slayton, with the help of her husband Gregory, has written a deeply insightful and encouraging book for Moms everywhere. The subtitle tells the story “A Practical Guide to Raising Whole Children in a Broken Generation.”

In an age when brokenness abounds and cultural voices only add to the confusion, Godly mothers have never been more crucial. Many parents–and children–feel lost amidst the decaying family values in the culture, and the ever increasing amount of “best” parenting practices in the market place of ideas. With all of these issues and struggles being raised in today’s modern family, some questions are raised by many mothers:

How can we avoid the pitfalls of a secular culture?
How do we raise children who are healthy emotionally and spiritually?
What if we’re doing it wrong?

Many mothers can agree, that wise counsel from a friendly corner is desperately needed. And Marina Slayton is here to do just that, sharing her experiences, her struggles, and her faith as she walked with God through it all.

The book is easy to read, encouraging and challenging at the same time. A great resource for every Mom who wants to be the best Mom she can be.

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100% of the authors’ profits are given to charities supporting fatherhood, family and faith. So your purchase can be a double blessing!

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